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~ About Agua Dulce Rat Ranch ~

Welcome to Agua Dulce Rat Ranch; located in Santa Claritia, CA! I am currently working on a Marked line, Black line, Agouti line, Blue line, and Self; while also incorperating Dumbo and Rex. I am also in the process of creating good breeding stock for a Siamese line. Most importantly, my rats are bred for good health and outstanding temperment. Once the kittens are 10 days old, they are each handled for several minutes a day. At 3 weeks old, they are each handled for 20 minutes a day. The kittens are also socialized with other rats aswell as dogs, and exposed to a variety of sounds. ( dogs barking, door bell/knocking, music, T.V., etc. )

~ Housing ~

My males and females are each housed in their own Double Critter Nation cages, which are disenfected and lined with clean fleece liners daily. The Double Critter Nation cages are filled with a variety of fun toys, as well as various hammocks handmade by Agua Dulce Rat Ranch. 

~ Food ~

All of my rats are fed a complete healthy diet of lab blocks and fresh, clean water; both which are available at all times. 20% of their daily diet consists of fresh fruits and veggies which they recieve once a day. They are also all given an extra protien source (usually a small amount of scrambled eggs or salmon) once a week. Pregnant and nursing mothers  recieve additional protien.

Proud member of AFRMA


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